Telemedicine and Remote Care


SCALE introduced its client to Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management and helped the practice implement a Care Coordination program that resulted in improved patient care and additional needed services that delivered substantial profit.

The new service simultaneously created several different benefits to the practice: stronger patient engagement, improved patient wellness and care, less office red-tape, and significant additional cashflow.

What is Care Coordination?
Care Coordination activities significantly enhance the value of Medicare’s preventive framework, as they are focused on the provision of personalized health advice and referral to health education or ongoing preventive counseling programs aimed at reducing risk and improving self-management


SCALE guided the practice from initiation to a billable event in less than five weeks.


Outreach Messaging

Coordinate activities with practice’s program champion

Identify patient outreach strategy and scripting (targeting and messaging)

Configure, test and train clinical staff on telemedicine adjustments

Train practitioners and support staff on CareGPS; customize as needed



Train administrative staff and dedicate outreach activity; schedule patients

Targeted training sessions with mock patients on CareGPS

Training on report reading


Service Delivery

Initial service delivery to targeted patients, jointly delivered with CareGPS

Patient education on care coordination and enrollment during initiating visit

Review of service delivery successes with improvements made as needed


Feedback and Billing

Full schedule loading of a single location or division with patient surveys

Billing integration and EOB review supporting reimbursement validation


Ongoing Billing Report

All patient enrolled devices and Televisits Billed out on 1st of the month

Billing department receives weekly report of visits and monthly report including devices sent to enrolled patients on an ongoing basis


Increased Profitability

Close the loop with proper charting and coding for reimbursement

Address cash flow issues by diversifying existing clinical services

Identify long-term revenue and delivery opportunity through enrollment in holistic solution

Create billable events through care coordination and follow up visits

Quality of Care

Be proactive with higher risk patients, including remote telemetry

Provide multiple modalities for telemedicine services delivery

Immediately deliver overdue services to at-home patients (point-solution)

Educate patients on new clinical services and modalities of delivery

Risk stratify patients and engage each cohort in a meaningful way

Build and proactively deliver a preventive medicine program with monthly care coordination and remote monitoring capability

Practice Performance Improvement

Strategically adjust service offerings to find a creative solutions to combat down volumes due to COVID-19

Provide multiple modalities for telemedicine services delivery

Build and proactively deliver a preventive medicine program with monthly care coordination and remote monitoring capability


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