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About SCALE Consulting

SCALE is the country’s premier healthcare services management consulting firm focused on the entire suite of operational advisory and diligence services, with local team presence across 10 states.

We offer a full range of multidisciplinary solutions exclusively to healthcare service organizations including provider platforms, pharma business services, diagnostic labs, hospital systems, and healthcare focused private equity groups.

Unlike the many consulting firms that offer more narrow and often more impractical solutions borne of limited or very general expertise, we rely on our team of 75+ carefully selected operational healthcare experts to ensure we provide the most relevant and value added experience across the full range of management disciplines and clinical specialties that fall within healthcare services.

"SCALE’s proficiency in a wide range of operational and managerial disciplines has been essential in the evolution of our physician group."

Dr. Bala Sankarapandian, CEO & Transplant Nephrologist, PPG Health

Featured Clients

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