Crisis Management


SCALE Physician Group has been working side-by-side with our portfolio of management team partners, observing their leadership and the unfathomable cascading effects of this crisis, as well as supporting them in their day-to-day crisis management response and decision-making.

SCALE areas of focus with its partners:

  • Crisis Response
  • Finding the Silver Lining
  • Preparing for the Reemergence

SCALE’s Crisis Management Solution in the Wake of COVID-19
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Covid-19 Virus

Crisis Response:
Strategies we are seeing prove to be effective


  • Structured updates with key stakeholders
  • Proactive communication with patients, especially via digital transmission
  • Transparency & specificity
  • Collaboration via organized outreach to strategic partners
  • Demonstrated and tangible commitment to protecting the business, employees, patients, and clients

Allocate Additional Managerial Resources

Companies should consider allocating additional managerial leadership to account for:

  • Increasing number of rapidly moving parts, each required formally assigned leadership, next steps and execution timelines
  • Required new skillsets with a particular focus on analytics and crisis initiative project management
  • Team panic, fatigue, and impaired morale in the midst of increased fear, income cuts, uncertain futures and potentially terminated colleagues
  • Different perspectives on critical decision-making

Real-Time Analytics

  • Proactive scenario modeling
  • Real-time budget variance

Develop Care Continuity Plans

  • Train and re-train and re-retain again all stakeholders on proper infection control procedures
  • Formalize skeleton staffing plans at office location, including reserving for staff and provider rotations in the event of virus exposure
  • Evaluate and execute on site consolidation
  • Implement telemedicine
  • Proactively reschedule non-essential visits to keep the booking

Actively Monitor Overall COVID-19 Situation

  • Get ahead of the crisis: If you find yourself entirely reacting to crises versus balancing reacting to crises with predicting likely required next steps, then you may be moving too slowly in your response
  • Actively monitor overall virus data trends, as well as policy updates that could impact your need and / or ability to access financing, modify or expand clinical services and manage employees

Finding the Silver Lining:
Initiatives we are working on with our clients during this crisis

Developing Plans to Address Weakest 25% of the Business

  • Accelerating previously planned cost cutting initiatives
  • Augmenting marketing & branding collateral that highlight longstanding partnership spirit, differentiated value proposition and tangible case study wins
  • Improving real-time business analytics programs
  • Restructuring finance department to ensure a sustainable program for timely, user-friendly and actionable financial reporting

Demonstrating Leadership in the Local Community and Broader Clinical Specialty

  • Organizing and sharing crisis response lessons learned, response successes and opportunities for improvement

Evaluating, Implementing & Executing on Growth Opportunities

  • Implementing chronic care management service line
  • Rolling out provider training and operational workflows to ensure proper preventative care screening
  • Evaluating a clinical research service line development
  • Augmenting an Associate Physician recruitment strategy
  • Formalizing a growth & development market outreach target list to return to post-crisis
  • Building a corporate development program
  • Initiating partnership discussions to expand service offerings and market reach

Preparing for the Reemergence:
Planned Next Steps with Our Clients

Recovery & Reemergence Planning

  • Open for business marketing campaign planning & execution
  • Ramp-up business plan & scenario analysis modeling

After Action Assessments

  • Conduct formal assessments of end-to-end response and results
  • Develop a company-specific annual stress test that aims to evaluate a broad range of performance shocks

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