Developing an Anesthesia Service Model

Service: Growth & Development
SpecialtyAmbulatory Surgery Centers, Anesthesia
Client: Frontier Healthcare

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Scale Physician Group’s executive leadership developed a model for offering anesthesia services directly through a network of 15 ASCs.


  • Developed a payor-focused value proposition for providing anesthesia services through the ASC’s tax ID.
  • Secured anesthesia payor contracts across all key payors through the ASC tax ID, including a mix of fee-for-service and bundled contract arrangements. At the time, this was the first set up of this kind for many of the payors.
  • Employed anesthesia directors at each ASC and worked with these directors to develop an anesthesia service oversight program including quality, operational, and cost reporting.
  • Oversaw anesthesia provider credentialing as well as regulatory report submission, such as PQRS, for reimbursement bonuses.
  • Managed payor issues that arose in the claim adjudication process related to receiving professional anesthesia reimbursements through the same ASC tax ID as the facility fee.


  • Over 100 anesthesia providers were hired on staff across 15 ASCs and quality oversight was embedded into the ASC operational program as opposed to being treated as its own silo left to an outsourced provider to oversee.
  • The anesthesia service solution represented a lower cost option for payors and patients versus competing market alternatives.
  • ASCs retained strategic control over both facility and anesthesia contracts, which left them well-positioned to negotiate with payors.
  • Approximately one-third of the total ASC network income was derived from anesthesia services.

Over my nearly ten-year relationship with Roy and Jason, they have always been true professionals, committed partners and valued advisors. Their work and leadership contributed immensely to our ASC’s business and operations performance, as well as to the Center’s successful growth and development.”

Jay Weissbluth, M.D.
Member & Former Medical Director, South Brooklyn Endoscopy Center
Jay experienced the benefits of Scale’s work firsthand. His ASC was one of 15 that, with Scale’s assistance, enhanced its anesthesia services.

Our Team

Roy Bejarano scale physician group

Roy Bejarano


Roy Bejarano is the Co-Founder and CEO of Scale Physician Group.

Prior to SPG, Roy served as Physicians Endoscopy’s Chief Strategy Officer & Co-President of Physicians Endoscopy’s PE Gastro MSO initiative.

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Jason Shifman scale physician group

Jason Schifman


Jason Schifman is the Co-Founder and President of Scale Physician Group.

Prior to SPG, Jason most recently served as Physicians Endoscopy’s Executive Vice President of Strategy across the Company’s ASC and PE Gastro MSO platforms.

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