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About SCALE Market Research

SCALE Market Research provides broad healthcare landscape analysis and identifies opportunities in healthcare across the country, offering integral and insightful research to make the most informed investment decisions.

We combine experience as C-Suite executives for healthcare companies with decades of experience working with and for payers and state and federal government to produce best in class research for our clients. 

Our work produces analysis of competition, potential patient/client opportunity, employers, population forecast, payers, regulatory, and legislation. Clients can utilize our services when interested in expanding into certain targeted states or regions of the country while examining potential acquisitions.

"SCALE's department by department business due diligence allowed us to understand on a much more granular level areas of risk and opportunity of our investment."

Marc Strauss, Managing Director, Crestline Investors

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SCALE Market Research benefits from the extensive collective experience of our seasoned team of healthcare operators, leaders, and executives, providing our clients with an exclusive insider's perspective on the challenges and opportunities healthcare businesses face across the spectrum.

The SCALE Difference

We utilize our extensive national network to give our clients an accurate outlook and overview before deploying capital and making acquisitions in targeted regions.

Payer Research

Payers can vastly differ per state despite being under the same company. Our understanding of how payers work in each state gives our clients an accurate understanding of the opportunities and challenges from payers when forming a strategy.


Employers and employer sponsored health plans can drive growth in a healthcare market and create significant opportunities. We identify partnerships with employers for our clients and project the employer’s effect on the market.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing your competition, their services, and targeted patient/client population allows for greater ability to adapt to changes in the market and strategize for future.

Data and Analytics

Scale utilizes commercial payer data from over 100 million covered lives, employer sponsored plans, and published state and federal reimbursement data. We combine our analysis of the data with interviews and surveys to give our clients a very well rounded view of the market.

Patient / Client Opportunities

We combine use of data with surveys and interviews to estimate opportunities with the current patient population and likely future growth.

Regulation / Policy / Legislation

Government regulations and legislation can be a obstacle to account for in the future but also create opportunities in the market. Our deep experience with the government allows Scale to give an accurate view of the current environment and likely future actions.

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SCALE Market Research Team

Our team is comprised of senior healthcare leaders and former Washington staffers. Our deep knowledge of how the government operates on a state and federal level allows us to keep our clients informed of likely key regulatory and legislative trends that are meaningful to healthcare.

David B Headshot

Head of SCALE Market Research, David Blaszczak

David has 25 years of unique experience in the healthcare field working for state and federal governments; reimbursement, market strategy, regulatory consultant, growth strategist to healthcare companies; and advisor to investment firms, banks, and lenders in the U.S. He is a recognized leading expert of healthcare regulatory policy, the reimbursement process, and the effect on the healthcare delivery system. This wide array of experience covering key aspects of the U.S. healthcare system has allowed David to bring valuable insight into foreseeable trends that transform healthcare.

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