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Our Client Partners

We work with each of our partners to understand your needs and objectives so that we can formulate the right partnership structure to achieve your goals.  In addition to overseeing and augmenting your platform’s growth & development, SCALE is prepared to make minority investments in partner MSOs.

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SCALE Client Partners

A Sample of Private Equity Groups SCALE Has Worked With To Date

Webster Equity Partners

A Sample of Leverage Loan Providers SCALE Has Worked With To Date

What Our Client Partners Say

  • Sing Orthodontics is a different and better company due to SCALE Healthcare Finance. For too long, we flew blind. With the help of SHF, we now have timely, actionable information and metrics with which management can make decisions. This is making all the difference for us.

    Jim Usdan
    Jim Usdan CEO, Sing Orthodontics
  • At SCALE, Operating Partners join expert SCALE leaders and bring their content and field expertise and experience to a client project. The breadth and depth of the integrated team allow for high quality, focused and targeted consultation services focused on tangible goals. SCALE combines the expert financial and business acumen of the SCALE team with Operating Partner experts who have deep experience in a specialty area. The approach allows for tailoring to the specific dictates of the business engagement and allows for accelerated project progression and outcomes. The SCALE team and work is focused on achieving project goals and providing demonstrable outcomes. Positive impact of client engagements have included restructured business operations, accelerated business development including both B to B and B to C, development of a financial model and accelerated implementation of organizational change.

    Janice Pyrce
    Janice Pyrce Cheif Advisor, Behavioral Health Platforms
  • I have had the opportunity to work with a number of Private Equity and Consulting firms in the past. None of those engagements have been as rewarding and unique as working with SCALE. SCALE has provided me an opportunity to work with a very diversified group of Healthcare companies. I have had the pleasure of working with companies in PT, Epilepsy, Autism, Air Ambulance, Acute care hospitals and many others. Besides working with Jason and Roy, SCALE has associated itself with numerous other healthcare executives that offer a wide and diversified perspective of Healthcare. I have enjoyed the interactions with these high profile executives.

    Mike Mirt
    Mike Mirt Cheif Advisor, Fee for Service and Risk-Based Contracting
  • I have enjoyed working with the SCALE team as Chief Advisor and project lead for several healthcare sector engagements.  The SCALE model provides well-heeled engagement support from a competent team of in-house project managers, analysts, and technology experts.  Jason and Roy also provide leadership to bolster the team efforts and help navigate complexities.  The extensive panel of industry leaders and experts further supports the team in delivering rich perspectives that help create tremendous value for the client.  It is a pleasure to work with SCALE and to be a part of these successful engagements.

    Joe Keane
    Joe Keane Chief Advisor, Financial and Payer Black Box Analysis
  • I have had the great pleasure to work with SCALE for over 2 years. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with Roy, Jason, and the members of the SCALE team on multiple engagements across multiple disciplines and have found it to be a consistently rewarding experience. The level of support from the team is always outstanding and the ability to tap into the collective expertise of the advisor group is a rare opportunity to access some of the best minds and talent in the industry. Under Roy and Jason’s leadership, SCALE consistently brings dynamic and interesting opportunities to support physicians, private equity, health care leadership and ultimately patients in achieving and maximizing results. It has been a great pleasure to be part of the SCALE team and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

    Mike Reed
    Mike Reed President, Value Based Care Operations
  • SCALE RCM brought a valued level of strategic & performance clarity to the revenue cycle program at one of our portfolio companies.  SCALE RCM was a trusted partner in leading key execution efforts to achieve target objectives in our revenue cycle business plan – from formalizing workflows & documentation processes to developing performance analytics to evaluating and supporting the implementation of revised staffing models.  SCALE RCM helped us achieve tangible results faster, in-line with projected timelines and with increased execution confidence along the way.

    Jon Kelemen
    Jon Kelemen VP, The Beekman Group
  • SCALE RCM’s assessment of an acquisition target’s revenue cycle management department provided us with practical and analytically-driven insight into our future partner’s revenue cycle performance and opportunities for post-close value creation. They completed their work efficiently and allowed us to enter our transaction with conviction around the post-close business plan, as well as a head start on identifying key integration needs and formalizing the integration roadmap.

    Alejandro Mursuli
    Alejandro Mursuli Vice President of Finance – Central Florida, InnovaCare Partners (A Summit Partners portfolio company)
  • We have greatly valued the character, professionalism and work ethic of the entire SCALE team. SCALE offered us a unique blend of behavioral health expertise, exemplary leadership in management, and executive discipline and support resources. By working together with SCALE, our company was able to accelerate our growth and development, as well as enhance our management oversight program and analytics-driven performance monitoring. SCALE has proven to be true partner and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate together.

    Prof Dr Anto Bonci / Francesco Del Governatore
    Prof Dr Anto Bonci / Francesco Del Governatore Founder & Executive Chairman / CEO
  • SCALE RCM brought us the analytical clarity we were looking for to enhance our revenue cycle and provider credentialing programs.  They were able to efficiently assess current performance, identify tangible opportunities for improvement and propose practical execution plans.  SCALE RCM offers a unique blend of deep revenue cycle expertise, data analytics solutions and broader executive strategy perspective - the revenue cycle & credentialing performance measurement solutions and predictive models they developed helped bridge our billing operations with our executive management’s strategic needs.

    Greg Stephan
    Greg Stephan COO, aptihealth
  • SCALE is like a personal trainer.  The results happen so much faster when someone guides you rather trying to get it done alone.  Perhaps because they are not caught up in the day-to-day running of our business, they think more about strategy, then get buy-in, then help us execute change.  They are not consultants, as they don’t just give you a laundry list of what you should do.  They feel like members of the company, executives, who do the necessary detail work to effect change.  If you want to grow and be more profitable by working smarter instead of faster, they can get you there.  They are there for the long term, increasing accountability, efficiency, and ultimately EBITDA far beyond their cost.

    Steve Maron, MD
    Steve Maron, MD President, VEP Healthcare
  • SCALE brought a talented blend of IT and operational expertise to successfully lead our deployment of an end-to-end technology platform uniquely designed to address the rapidly evolving requirements of our COVID on-site and remote testing business initiative.  SCALE is a trusted and knowledgeable partner in managing the full design, development and implementation of our tailored patient engagement, EMR and analytical systems.  Addressing the perspectives of our employer clients, their employees and our clinicians, SCALE’s IT leadership was responsible for establishing the right platform under the urgent circumstances brought on by the COVID pandemic – successfully bringing our new programs to market on-time and on budget.

    Brian Stern
    Brian Stern CEO, Heed Health
  • SCALE brings a truly unique and valuable blend of healthcare services, industry expertise, and analytical skills.  Their approach provided us with a clear operational point of view on our portfolio company that advanced our decision-making around pressing funding decisions and prioritizing potential pathways for a restructuring.  I would strongly recommend their services to my peers in the lending community who may need independent operational and strategic insight.

    David Check
    David Check Managing Director, BMO
  • SCALE’s proficiency in a wide range of operational and managerial disciplines has been essential in the evolution of our physician group.  With their leadership and guidance we have improved our reporting and infrastructure allowing us to make timely decisions and execute on several key initiatives.

    Dr. Bala Sankarapandian
    Dr. Bala Sankarapandian CEO & Transplant Nephrologist, PPG Health
  • Our engagement supporting the City of Boston on its field COVID-19 positive homeless respite at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center required us to mobilize quickly and respond with a high degree of flexibility.  SCALE brought a wide range of resources to meet the unique demands of the project and was consistently reliable in managing and executing across the project’s evolving objectives and challenges.  For an engagement that necessitated a high level of trust and execution competence, I could not think of a better partner.

    Douglas M. Leech
    Douglas M. Leech Founder & CEO, Ascension Recovery Services
  • SCALE added missing IT expertise and leadership that our neurosurgery group needed.  They were able to quickly assess our network infrastructure and develop tangible plans for improving IT performance.  They also helped us organize our EHR upgrade implementation plan, as well as preempt network performance challenges that needed to be addressed before the new system go-live.  Their work has saved us the cost and frustration of maintaining a system that was working against us.

    Hooman Azmi, M.D.
    Hooman Azmi, M.D. Partner, North Jersey Brain & Spine Center
  • SCALE’s analysis of a diverse range of operational, service line and growth initiatives provided us with a uniquely efficient channel for holistic operational scaling execution diligence conducted by a highly experienced team of professionals.

    Private Equity Partner
    Private Equity Partner
  • SCALE has been a true partner to our neurosurgery group.  SCALE very quickly helped us develop a more strategically-oriented Board program.  Beyond this, SCALE has been a hands-on and valued contributor, supporting us through physician syndication transactions, leading various IT and human resources initiatives, and advising us as we navigated personnel changes and team augmentations.  In short, SCALE has seamlessly integrated themselves into our organization and quickly implemented processes that yielded tangible results.

    Roy D. Vingan
    Roy D. Vingan M.D., Partner and Co-Founder, North Jersey Brain & Spine Center
  • SCALE has been a valuable partner to Metro PT as we position our therapy group to scale across its outpatient physical & occupational therapy and on-site senior community service lines.  SCALE has been able to quickly understand our needs and goals, as well as implement practical solutions to help bring our growth and operational visions closer to reality.  We are excited to continue our partnership with SCALE.

    Sherrie Glasser Mayrsohn, MSPT & Michael Mayrsohn, PT, DPT, OCS
    Sherrie Glasser Mayrsohn, MSPT & Michael Mayrsohn, PT, DPT, OCS Owners, Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy
  • I have been thrilled with the work SCALE has done for us on multiple healthcare platform bids.  Their in-depth diligence reports on specific initiatives always gives us a competitive advantage over our competition.  We look forward to our continued partnership with the SCALE Team.

    Andrew Marolda
    Andrew Marolda Managing Director and Co-Founder, The Beekman Group 
  • SCALE has done a remarkable job quickly coming to grips with the many challenges of our women’s health care platform in a difficult environment for private practices; from our billing team performance, to our financial reporting, and most important of all, our resource management with a particular focus on physician performance and related compensation agreements. In every case, the SCALE team has analyzed and guided me towards the right changes and the right decisions for my MSO platform. We have seen a significant and rapid improvement in our financial performance and we are truly excited to continue our partnership with SCALE as we move towards the next phase of our practice's evolution. They are genuine physician advocates that combine talk with real action.

    Kenneth A. Levey, M.D.
    Kenneth A. Levey, M.D. Board Certified Gynecologist & CEO and Managing Partner, Maiden Lane Medical

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