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SCALE Report

SCALE Healthcare 2022 Predictions

An excerpt of the full report is included below.  Download the PDF for our full list of predictions for over 25 clinical specialties and industry-wide forecast.

Macro Trend: Healthcare Regulation

SCALE Forecast

Supporting Arguments

  • Continued evolution of the best way to regulate healthcare.
  • Favoring more flexibility.
    • Shared pools of risk.
    • Care coordination.
    • Increased desire for data transparency and sharing.
    • Continued open mindedness towards “for profit” healthcare entities addressing
    government healthcare delivery (e.g., direct contracting entities initial rollout).
  • Favoring more regulation and / or government intervention.
    • COVID reinforced healthcare as a national security issue.
    • Emerging question on what regulating an increasingly consolidated market means.
    • Staffing shortages >>> will the government allow labor markets to clear naturally over time or will incentives be created to expand incentives for joining the healthcare labor pool. Expanding pool of publicly traded healthcare companies.
    • Increasing share of risk pools shifted from regulated payers to unregulated practices
    (though payers remain ultimately responsible).

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