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Case Studies

An illustrative selection of SCALE Consulting case studies.
Case study:

Clinical Compliance – Women’s Health

Client Profile


Women’s Health

Services Deployed

Coding & Clinical Compliance


Our Client’s ASC failed their resurvey resulting in a robust POC, and thereby threating their AAAHC
and MCR standing. SCALE was engaged to conduct a gap analysis of our Client’s ASC from an
AAAHC and MCR perspective. Upon completion of the gap analysis, a workplan towards compliance was delivered to the Client and we were retained to educate and train staff on recommended workplan towards compliance with AAAHC and MCR requirements.



  • CALE provided a robust powerpoint highlighting facility improvements needed to comply with AAAHC and MCR requirements, as well as infection prevention.
  • SCALE’s examination of 222 forms demonstrated medication order, storage, inventory and administration processes required adjustment to become compliant. We recommended a life safety mock survey.
  • We conducted Interviews to determine EE knowledge of AAAHC and MCR requirements and provided a workplan detailing EE education and training to be conducted on areas of responsibilities (i.e. HR and credentialing), providing each area of discipline with a copy of the AAAHC handbook, and tools for operational compliance and efficiencies.
  • e shared a copy of the AAAHC handbook and tools for operational compliance and efficiencies with each area of discipline.
  • Initially our Client’s focus was on AAAHC and MCR compliance, however the SCALE team took more of a holistic approach in focusing on their organizational structure, EE education and training to facilitate POC, and ultimately compliance.
  • A mock survey of the ASC and DTC was conducted to focus on the condition of the Clients’ physical facilities.
  • SCALE conducted a full review of operational processes for compliance with AAAHC and MCR requirements, as well as risk mitigation.
  • SCALE performed its gap analysis in 45 days and will work through implementation of the POC over 6-12 months.
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