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Case Studies

An illustrative selection of SCALE Consulting case studies.
Case study:

Managing Consulting Growth & Development

Client Profile

New York City


Services Deployed

Strategy & Performance Optimization

Marketing & Communications

Informatics & Business Intelligence


Our Client has a successful Lasik/cataract practice in metropolitan NYC focused on self-pay, Spanish speaking patients and had invested significant dollars in local marketing (radio, social media, tv) to Spanish-speaking communities with some success, but at high patient acquisition cost.

SCALE was hired to study as-is business and to provide recommendations for expanding its practice in New York City, and to look for options to reduce current marketing spend (to decrease
patient acquisition costs.

Additionally, we were engaged to create a franchise model for this practice to explore go-to-market
options in other national markets.


  • SCALE studied as-is model to understand patient acquisition workflow, gain knowledge of the existing footprint of the practice, and to seek out natural synergies for further study.
  • SCALE created a practice and referral heatmap to determine areas of strength, and opportunities to grow in metropolitan NYC.
  • SCALE studied a small partnership arrangement the practice had established in NJ with an Optical Shop, which was poorly organized and executed but provided some referrals to the practice.
  • SCALE determined that this partnership relationships was valuable and modeled out a scalable proforma thru which the client could add more relationships locally, targeting identified geographic areas that were underserved by the existing business footprint.
  • SCALE further determined that over time these relationships could allow the practice to decrease marketing spend through an organic referral network.
  • SCALE used existing business ideas created by the practice, and applied data analytics and financial modeling to educate the client on how this opportunity- partnering with local Optical shops- could be a low-cost source of new referrals.
  • SCALE connected the dots between their unique niche, currently underserved populations, and mathematical models to prove the viability of the approach.
  • With Client buy-in based on SCALE research, SCALE then created a target list of geographically important Optical Shops in NYC and developed a target-approach plan to demonstrate the value-proposition of partnering with SCALE’s Client.


  • 4 new business partnerships were developed for our Client.
  • Lower-acquisition costs were achieved on a per patient basis.
  • We were able to increase surgical referrals from previously untapped communities
  • We created a replicable model that could be expanded to other geographies on behalf of the Client.
  • Our Client now can decrease marketing spend as an offset to these new referral sources.
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