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Case Studies

An illustrative selection of SCALE Consulting case studies.
Case study:

Payer Strategy - Pediatrics

Client Profile

15,000+ Providers

10 States


Services Deployed

Strategy Performance and Optimization

Strategy Performance and Optimization

Strategy Performance and Optimization


SCALE Payer Strategy was engaged by a pediatric home service group facing deep reimbursement
rate cuts.

  • The client is a leading independent children’s home health care agency for complex pediatric patients. The business has long-standing relationships with payers often seen solely as a DME provider, even though services are far more extensive.
  • Client faced ~30% rate decreases from primary payer in the state.
  • Client interested in transitioning towards a value-based care model.


SCALE deployed its Payer Strategy Team to develop a detailed approach.

  • Completed a market and payer competitive analysis of current states.
  • Developed strategy to engage with payers and transition to a value-based care model.
  • Reimagined the limited identity of being a single service provider.
  • Guided client on building out and investing in care coordination services.
  • Executed payer outreach and strategy.


  • As a result of payer discussions, revenue increases were unveiled that underwrite losses related to potential fee schedule reductions.
  • Strategy is currently evolving to fit the client’s other payer needs, and continued conversations.
  • Client was satisfied with initial payer strategy execution
  • We continue discussions with additional payers and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) for impact to national program development.
  • To date, scheduled fee schedule reductions have been postponed.
  • There is a chance these cuts could be eliminated completely.
  • Executed a strategy to expand their care model improving their position for participation in a value-based care model.
  • Introduced and built relationships for the client at CMMI.
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