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Case Studies

An illustrative selection of SCALE Consulting case studies.
Case study:

Sell-Side Preparedness: Market Study & Business Plan Validation

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Pain Management

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SCALE was engaged by a pain management MSO, in collaboration with a sell-side investment bank,
to perform a market study and business plan validation assessment. The Company’s business
model was centered around a differentiated MSO partnership model targeting and custom-tailored
to service the specific needs of community hospitals.

The Company’s innovative business model presented compelling growth opportunities but
represented a unique approach to servicing the market. As such, key objectives included:

  • Validating demand for the Company’s services amongst key market stakeholders including payers and community hospitals
  • Evaluating payer and regulatory reimbursement trends that could support the Company’s value proposition and / or result in pending business headwinds
  • Analyzing the Company’s business plan, target growth plan and supporting financial model to prepare for go-to-market process and prospective buyer diligence


  • SCALE deployed its market & payer research and consulting teams
  • Client needed report delivered in six weeks
  • SCALE developed a detailed market & payer research approach based on broad knowledge of the payer landscape and different sites of service
  • In depth discussions with payer representatives and relevant industry experts
  • Review of all CPT codes by provider and site of service
  • Review of reimbursement characteristics for professional and facility claims
  • Insufficient actionable analytics
  • SCALE leveraged its relations in the industry and payer space to assess long-term viability of mode
  • Researched historical precedent for moving cases to HOPD under 100% hospital ownership
  • Assessed likelihood of push-back from payers
  • Reviewed current landscape relating to pain management and considerations from payers regarding evaluation of utilization levels for particular services
  • SCALE developed a bottoms-up model on a provider basis, based on their CPT codes, practice patterns and sites of service
  • Assessed reimbursement levels under various scenarios (HOPD, ASC and office), as well as hybrid scenarios
  • Stress tested acuity of pain management cases and provider location to ascertain assumptions for what could be performed at an HOPD site
  • Reviewed management service agreement, HOPD profitability, and profit to Client’s business based on its underlying cost structure


  • Developed thoughtful presentation that could be used by Client as a document for discussion with potential private equity buyer
  • Summarized key insights from market & payer research to support the Company’s value proposition
  • Augmented the Company’s business plan & financial model to provide clarity on the potential of the business model and align the Company’s business model with key findings of SCALE’s analysis and market & payer research
  • Quantified potential profitability based on current footprint, as well as revenue and profitability under different site of service assumptions
  • Developed and articulated an optimum strategy for number of HOPDs and allocation of providers under current footprint
  • Created parameters for future HOPD partnerships and necessary location and demographics of new providers
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