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SCALE MSO Operations – Finance News

March 2022

SCALE Finance helped a private equity backed medical practice streamline its internal acquisition/deal review process, allowing it to more quickly and efficiently evaluate potential acquisitions while highlighting both risks and opportunities in each deal in the pipeline and helping the practice achieve aggressive growth targets.

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February 2022

SCALE Finance was engaged by a private equity sponsor to provide Interim CFO and performance improvement support to a key portfolio asset with 68 providers and 18 locations. We identified several areas of both opportunity and risk, and launched initiatives to address them to maximum benefit.

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January 2022

SCALE Finance was engaged to assist a sponsor in the formation and launch of a new nationwide platform.

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December 2021

SCALE Finance Client Highlights

  1. Acted as Interim CFO for Client, taking them through first audit, strengthening finance department, and supporting transaction.
  2. Completed first QofE for behavioral Client.
  3. Migrated Client with 25 practices and no financial reporting to Intaact in short period of time.

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September 2021

SCALE Finance was engaged to complete a quality earnings assessment and financial due diligence on a target practice our Client is in the process of acquiring.

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August 2021

SCALE Finance has been supporting its Client through sellside readiness preparation and execution.  To date, we have provided interim CFO, Controller and FP&A resources to successfully complete the Client’s first audit and QofE as well as execute on a range of finance department performance & process improvement and automation initiatives.

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July 2021

A large multi-state practice engaged us to implement financial management, discipline, and visibility to prepare for a potential acquisition. After struggling with ERP implementation for over a year prior to our engagement, we were able to quickly deploy a new ERP platform, implement the SCALE Finance Process and bring financial reporting current.

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