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Case Studies

An illustrative selection of SCALE Consulting case studies.
Case study:

Fully Managed Digital Marketing Optimization

Client Profile

21 Providers




Services Deployed

Web Development


Data Analytics & Reporting


We were engaged by an east-coast-based DSO to build a comprehensive consumer-focused website
to house all their brands on one site. The requirements called for the brands to share common
features such as blogs, resources, service articles, and appointment forms.

We were also tasked with building detailed attribution tracking, KPI reporting via BI Dashboards
and to setup Google Ads Campaigns for their brands.


  • A multi-brand website was developed to maintain each brand’s own identity and share common resources and functionality.
  • The content was personalized for each brand with smart technology to allow shared content across brands to be used, while still maintaining each brand’s unique design and message goals.
  • Each brand maintains its identity, but under one domain to allow better operation, maintenance, and search engine optimization.
  • SCALE utilized a unique approach to identify quick wins as well as long-term engagement opportunities to grow development.
  • Each team member provided an important role in this approach as well as a vital team dynamic.


  • In the first two months after launch, impressions were up 36%, clicks increased 20.3%, and conversions were up 25.4%.
  • 7 Brands have been deployed under the platform with the remaining 14 to be added in 2022-2023. Having all Brands under one domain has streamlined management, while still allowing for personalized and relevant shared content.
  • SCALE developed a comprehensive BI Dashboard which allows the Client to analyze live data and make future strategic decisions based on the most important KPIs for the business.
  • New Google Ads Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads were created and optimized based on actual conversions and ROI.
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