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A Strategic Partner for Healthcare Private Equity

SCALE is an independently owned platform that offers objective advice, solutions, and resources that are purely focused on our private equity clients needs. We do not face the complexities that come with being owned by a competing institution that may in turn be similarly focused on making investments in clinical assets.

Unlike the many consulting firms that offer narrow solutions borne of limited direct expertise, we rely on our team of 75+ operational healthcare experts to ensure we provide relevant experience across every management discipline and clinical specialty that falls within healthcare services.

SCALE will support you as you traverse the inherent complexity of physician platform transactions.

In addition to overseeing and augmenting platform growth & development, SCALE is prepared to make minority investments alongside our Private Equity partners. 

SCALE By the Numbers (since inception 2019)


Private Equity
Platform Engagements


Private Equity Portfolio Company Engagements


Repeat Private Equity Engagements


Co-Investments Made Alongside Private Equity Partners


Grow Your Pipeline

Consider deals you would otherwise pass on due to lack of resources. We deliver value-add to seller providers and management prior to closing, solving for potential issues or risks in advance of a transaction.

Enhanced Execution Strategy

We develop detailed business plans through deep operational due diligence.  We help our partners win deals based on our extensive operating experience, exceeding what any single Board Operating Partner can be expected to cover.

Know Your Providers

We bridge the communication gap and limit nervousness between providers and sponsors by coordinating and attending recurring site visits.


We will co-invest with our partners at closing, solidifying our long term commitment to the success of your provider groups.

Featured Clients

We support a broad range of initiatives at both advisory and execution levels providing pre-packaged, integrated and efficiently-priced expertise, services and solutions, including interim management services for sponsors seeking investments in platforms missing key positions.

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Private Equity Experts


Who To Contact

Kevin Gillis

Head of Business Development

Bill Ingram


Jason Schifman


Roy Bejarano


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What Our Client Partners Say

  • I have been thrilled with the work SCALE has done for us on multiple healthcare platform bids.  Their in-depth diligence reports on specific initiatives always gives us a competitive advantage over our competition.  We look forward to our continued partnership with the SCALE Team.

    Andrew Marolda
    Andrew Marolda Managing Director and Co-Founder, The Beekman Group 
  • SCALE’s analysis of a diverse range of operational, service line and growth initiatives provided us with a uniquely efficient channel for holistic operational scaling execution diligence conducted by a highly experienced team of professionals.

    Private Equity Partner
    Private Equity Partner
  • I could not have asked for better partners to help both me and my team take on the many challenges we face providing managerial services to over 550 physicians across 15 states. I would recommend SCALE to any MSO management team looking to materially enhance performance with creative and analytical problem solving discipline.

    Barry Tanner
    Barry Tanner CEO, Physicians Endoscopy (A Kelso Portfolio Company)
  • SCALE RCM brought a valued level of strategic & performance clarity to the revenue cycle program at one of our portfolio companies.  SCALE RCM was a trusted partner in leading key execution efforts to achieve target objectives in our revenue cycle business plan – from formalizing workflows & documentation processes to developing performance analytics to evaluating and supporting the implementation of revised staffing models.  SCALE RCM helped us achieve tangible results faster, in-line with projected timelines and with increased execution confidence along the way.

    Jon Kelemen
    Jon Kelemen VP, The Beekman Group
  • SCALE RCM’s assessment of an acquisition target’s revenue cycle management department provided us with practical and analytically-driven insight into our future partner’s revenue cycle performance and opportunities for post-close value creation. They completed their work efficiently and allowed us to enter our transaction with conviction around the post-close business plan, as well as a head start on identifying key integration needs and formalizing the integration roadmap.

    Alejandro Mursuli
    Alejandro Mursuli Vice President of Finance – Central Florida, InnovaCare Partners (A Summit Partners portfolio company)
  • SCALE’s team provided practical and highly relevant expertise that addressed our specific business objectives.  As a team of healthcare operators, SCALE brought pragmatic recommendations to tangibly advance our growth & development initiative.

    Alex Aptekman
    Alex Aptekman COO, 360 Behavioral Health (a DWHP portfolio company)

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