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The search for leadership is complex, confidential, and time-sensitive, so we’ve created a collaborative process to ensure that we are consistently a step ahead of your hiring needs and timeline. Since no company’s hiring needs are the same, your experience is curated for your business needs, growth vision, and company culture.

We bring an unmatched massive network of professionals, superior quality, industry specialization, and an extremely responsive team of recruiters dedicated to give you the highest level of customer service committed to client satisfaction.

We want to create a long-term client relationship and partnership to elevate your company and it’s most important resource: talent.


SCALE Executive Search
SCALE Executive Search has been assisting a Client with the search for a VP of RCM.
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SCALE Executive Search
SCALE played a valuable role in selecting a VP of IT for a client this month. 
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We are exclusively focused on filling senior management positions across the broader healthcare services landscape.  We live and breathe practical talent management, recruitment, and development solutions for healthcare services clients.

Healthcare Executive Recruitment Representative Work

Download our one-page fact sheet to learn more about our Executive Search program.

SCALE Executive Recruitment Team


Emma Abeln

Emma is the Vice President of Talent at SCALE Healthcare and leads SCALE Executive Search. Since launching this department in the spring of 2021, she has sourced 10 internal hires and 1 executive position. Emma helps simplify the search process by guiding her clients with transparency, speed, and industry specialization.

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SCALE Insights: Are You Hiring Right?


There is no more important decision than who we let into our provider platform organizations.  Yet, across the country provider platforms routinely overlook the cost of weak hiring programs.

What is the true cost of hiring the wrong CEO, CFO, COO or head of payor contracting? What is the fully amortized impact to your profit of unusually high annual staff turnover?

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