Telemedicine Strategy

SCALE Physician Group, in conjunction with Care GPS, is uniquely positioned to advise on telehealth revenue solutions in the wake of COVID-19.  We work hand-in-hand with our physician partners to deliver the right services to the right patients, remotely and compliantly, with the goal of improving patient outcomes and generating significant revenue.

  • Replace escalating lost revenue: $1,000/hour non-physician staff
  • Medicare and Medicaid compliant
  • Focused on well patient check-ins
  • Leverages your telehealth platform
  • Permanent ongoing monthly revenue through managed care programs

SCALE’s Telehealth Solution in the Wake of COVID-19
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Covid-19 Virus

Safely care for your patients and replace lost revenue.

SCALE’s telemedicine services combined with our telehealth solutions platform, CareGPS offer:

  • Structured COVID-19 crisis response
  • Fully managed turn-key service
  • CareGPS patient engagement platform
  • Patient outreach in 24-48 hours
  • Remote monitoring of patient vitals
  • Guaranteed reimbursement
  • Delivered by any clinical staff, including MAs

Our Team


Mark Sapnar

Mark is the Chief Advisor of Telemedicine & Remote Care Delivery at SCALE Physician Group.  Mark is the Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at CareGPS Health, a fully managed telehealth solution that improves patient care and generates new revenue for independent and group physicians.  Previously, Mark co-founded Data Scientific, a technology startup focused on asset inventory, change management, and regulatory compliance, where he led the company to a strategic acquisition by Serena Software.  He also co-founded IT Mobility, a strategic product consultancy and managed service provider, where he is still Chairman of the Board.

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