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Clinical Specialty Management

Clinical Specialty Management


We bring decades of proven experience to address the specialty-specific goals and needs of our platform partners.

We develop clinical and ancillary business lines as well as outpatient sites-of-service, and hospital-based physician services that will augment your platform’s strategic positioning, scaling potential, patient care service portfolio strategy, and risk identification & mitigation.

How We Work

I. Strategic Positioning Augmentation

Based on our strategy and performance review, we recommend strategic service line domain expansion within your current physician platform to enhance its competitive position.

II. Analysis of Scaling Potential

We perform deep cost benefit analysis on the implementation of new service lines into your physician platform immediately and over time.

III. Patient Care Service Portfolio Strategy

When appropriate, we recommend opportunities to incorporate outpatient sites-of-service into your portfolio.

IV. Risk Identification & Mitigation

We identify potential risks of service line expansion within your physician platform before committing.

Case Study

SCALE introduced its client to Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management and helped the practice implement a Care Coordination program that resulted in improved patient care and additional needed services that delivered substantial profit.

The new service simultaneously created several different benefits to the practice: stronger patient engagement, improved patient wellness and care, less office red-tape, and significant additional cashflow.

What is Care Coordination?
Care Coordination activities significantly enhance the value of Medicare’s preventive framework, as they are focused on the provision of personalized health advice and referral to health education or ongoing preventive counseling programs aimed at reducing risk and improving self-management

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