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Case Studies

An illustrative selection of SCALE Consulting case studies.
Case study:

ASC Development

Client Profile

45 Providers



Services Deployed

ASC Operational Strategy & Execution

Strategy & Performance Analysis

Program Development

IT Systems Strategy & Implementation


Our Client was interested in adding single specialty ASC to its portfolio beginning in Northeast
Florida. SCALE was engaged to help:

  • Capture revenue from hospitals and other institutions where the doctors perform procedures today.
  • Expand procedures from a single room catheterization lab to a multi-use surgery center.
  • Develop an ASC so that all practice physicians may benefit from participation.


  • SCALE’s development work to set up the ASC included:
  • Informatics & Business Intelligence
  • Real Estate
  • Design
  • Cost estimate
  • Operational processes
  • Construction
  • Medical Oversight committee
  • IT
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Setting up ramp up schedule and budget
  • SCALE conducted a proforma analysis based on current physician volume to evaluate the potential performance of an ASC.
  • SCALE developed a detailed implementation plan for the development of a de novo surgical center and led a team through a 15-18 month process to execute the development plan.
  • SCALE’s unique compliment of leaders with experience in pro forma analysis and ambulatory surgery center development worked together to give our Client the best insight into likely performance while acting as a partner in development, funding and licensing


  • Our Client now has clarity on available volume and revenue based on the volume for a de novo ASC.
  • Our Client now understands the costs to build and operate an ASC.
  • Our Client now has a trusted outsourced partner concentrating on timely and efficient execution on their behalf.
  • Our Client was not subjected to any equity dilution, which would normally be associated with 3rd party development.
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