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SCALE RCM Consulting – Overview

SCALE RCM services are designed to offer provider platforms the specific support services they require, depending on current standalone circumstances and strategic objectives.

As part of SCALE Healthcare, SCALE RCM is uniquely positioned to deliver an unrivaled blend of strategic, financial and technical talent essential for the continued success of any practice in today’s evolving healthcare landscape.

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Assess Your Current Billing Program

  • What is your current revenue cycle department organizational structure? Is the optimal team in place?
  • Which functions are best centralized versus handled at individual practice locations?
  • Is performance being measured quantitatively within each function and what are the target performance benchmarks?
  • Which functions can be effectively automated? Do the current technology systems offer full best practice functionality?
  • What processes and strategies have been implemented that restrict performance scalability?
  • How does the revenue cycle team communicate with other departments tangentially involved in the revenue cycle process – e.g., operations, scheduling, finance, payor contracting?

SCALE RCM Consulting – Our Process

STEP 1: Initial audit

Initial audit of current revenue cycle department organizational structure and functions.

STEP 2: Develop a roadmap

Develop a roadmap to deliver tangible value add analysis, insight, and recommendations across each revenue cycle function.

STEP 3: Provide ongoing support

Provide ongoing support of your revenue cycle team to implement roadmap as well as identify and realize on-going performance improvement opportunities.

STEP 4: Report executive findings

Report clean executive summary focused on key performance metrics across the full range of revenue cycle functions and empower your revenue cycle team, executive leadership, and Board to pursue on-going performance improvement.

STEP 5: Track achievement

Track achievement of tangible improvements in your revenue cycle compliance, realized collections, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Revenue Cycle Management – Case Study

SCALE began working with a multi-specialty practice with approximately forty providers (across Nephrology, Cardiology and Primary Care) on a host of performance improvement initiatives.

The practice decided that it had insufficient leadership and expertise to improve and turn around its billing operation and so it engaged SCALE to provide all RCM services. In a matter of weeks, SCALE took over the billing function and began improving performance.

SCALE RCM brings decades of experience building and managing revenue cycle operations of scale.  We have developed and refined best practice systems and processes through billing across more than 30 medical specialties as well as numerous sites-of-service and practice management & EHR systems. Learn more.

Our Team


Robert Trenczer, President of SCALE RCM

Bobby served as President of CSI Medical Billing for the over 14 years. Bobby has achieved mastery of billing for over 30 specialties, practice management systems and EHRs.

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SCALE RCM Podcast: Leadership + Best Practices

What Our Client Partners Say

  • SCALE RCM brought us the analytical clarity we were looking for to enhance our revenue cycle and provider credentialing programs.  They were able to efficiently assess current performance, identify tangible opportunities for improvement and propose practical execution plans.  SCALE RCM offers a unique blend of deep revenue cycle expertise, data analytics solutions and broader executive strategy perspective - the revenue cycle & credentialing performance measurement solutions and predictive models they developed helped bridge our billing operations with our executive management’s strategic needs.

    Greg Stephan
    Greg Stephan COO, aptihealth

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