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About SCALE Due Diligence Solutions

SCALE’s wide range of due diligence services offer investors the level of assessment that is right for the contemplated transaction. Our team of operational experts develop diligence reports with actionable intelligence from individual department assessments to full detailed business plans.

Let’s explore how SCALE can help you dramatically improve your due diligence process.

"SCALE'S in-depth diligence reports on specific initiatives always gives us a competitive advantage over our competition."

Andrew Marolda, Managing Director & Co-Founder, The Beekman Group

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Sun Capital Partners, Inc.
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Webster Equity Partners
WeelSpring Capital Management
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SCALE Due Diligence Services

Market Research

Regulatory / Reimbursement

Business Due Diligence

Coding & Clinical Compliance

Integration Diligence

Quality of Earnings

Tax Analysis

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